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In Australia, we have 'A NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE' form which must be filled out, signed and witnessed a minimum of one calendar month before your intended date of marriage.

This is the equivalent of the "American Marriage Licence".

The term "Marriage Licence" does not exist in Australia.

The form asks basic information from you regarding birth dates, when and where you were born, your parents details, their country of birth, and details of previous marriages (if they have occurred), and any children, if any, from those unions. You will also have to be asked certain questions, and be handed pamphlets which the marriage celebrant must then verify on the document, as having been done. The document can then be signed by you, witnessed by the marriage celebrant, and dated. The notice then becomes active.

The celebrant must also sight very specific forms of documents relating to your identity, and, if necessary, divorce or death certificates. the details of these documents will be noted and registered on the Notice of Intended Marriage form. The document is then retained by the celebrant until after the ceremony, when it will be sent, along with the Certificate of Marriage, to Births Deaths and Marriages to be lodged and processed.

The law regarding the implementation of The Notice of Intended Marriage form, recognises that certain specific or unusual personal circumstances can require certain procedures to be carried out by the celebrant in relation to to implementation of the Marriage Act, 1961. This has to be considered on a case to case basis.

It may be necessary for some clients, who are born outside Australia and who wish to marry here, to adhere to certain requirements and prerequisites specified by the Immigration Department.

I can certainly help you with spouse visa requirements and letters.

In some instances also, you may need to engage the services of a NAATI registered translator. In this area as well, I can assist you, by giving you names and contact details of local NAATI accredited translators.

Because of my many years of experience, I have come across many tricky and complicated circumstances on the marriage front! Rest assured, if your personal circumstances are not straightforward, I can certainly facilitate in sorting them out. I have a thorough knowledge of legalities and can demystify even the most complicated of circumstances.

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